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Loved it "haha, suckah!" :P
I think Ill be forever scared of your sister...


Its beautiful, this is the kind of collab ng needs, some of the parts were great, and there wasn't one part that absolutely sucked, it all fit in together in the end, and the menu is pure eye candy!


The animation is so smooth and sweet, you took the C&H style and made it way better, plus its funny

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Good Tutorial, Overused Topic.

This tutorial really covers nicely how to do buttons, however IMO there is enough of these tutorial in the portal already, next time, try to choose a topic less covered, like something which animators normally find hard, something like v-cams, or texturing.
Anyone could easily find this same tutorial on the help section of flash, or in a number of other flash portal submission or even in google.
Also, a mute/music selection button would be nice, although I liked the song you've chosen, someone else may not.

tl;dr: Good tutorial, pretty straight forward, the pictures add a nice touch to it too, but next time, please, choose a harder, more interesting topic.

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Great Guide, few flaws.

The guide was well executed, and is hugely helpful, you've got everything explained pretty much, this was a great idea too overall, but there were a few flaws:
1. Confusing Menu:
I'm talking here about the "updates medal" section, I have no idea of what's going on there, maybe organize that a bit more, or have roll-over explanations, also you should shortened the middle-bottom box, so that the middle-top box doesnt have to out of place/not aligned.
2. Visual flaws:
Some parts look rushed, for example in the "top medal point users" list, you've got some names in a diferent font color, in that case, because you've visited the user's page, it doesnt make much diference really, but you could have erased your browsing history so that would not show up.
3. Audio Options: Some people might spend a huge amount of time in this guide, or some people would want to have this always open with them, so a mute button would be nice along with more music options, like in the bottom bar, you could have 3 music choices and a mute button, that would be great.

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EventHorizon responds:

thanks, I'm glad you judge this flash helpful!
You're right about the flaws of this flash because I should add a button to stop the sound and also repair the script of updates.
In short, thanks for your review because it was really helpful!


:P title says all
Though next time u should add:
-pause menu (which should include mute button)
-diferrent songs to choose
-power ups like double color, or super angry faic (the screaming faic)

MrRandomist responds:

I likeur ideas I'll keep'em in mind!

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Great Work

When I fav a song, it's because its awesome, when I download it, it's because it's epic, truly amazing work my friend, this just makes me wanna do a quick samurai game or something :P

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Samus is really blabby in this game, you should've made it longer :P

I make animations and shiz' like that!


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