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The idea is great, The menu is sweet, how each animator has its own pixel representation is awesome, The animations are mostly great (favorites were shinsulkelto, simpleanimator, jacco, turtleco, and JPB :D), I seriously cant say which one of them is the best since they're all really good, My only complaint is its too short, but that doesnt stop me from enjoying this awesomesauce!


Loved it "haha, suckah!" :P
I think Ill be forever scared of your sister...


Its beautiful, this is the kind of collab ng needs, some of the parts were great, and there wasn't one part that absolutely sucked, it all fit in together in the end, and the menu is pure eye candy!


The animation is so smooth and sweet, you took the C&H style and made it way better, plus its funny

Amazing stuff!

Truly great work specially for such a small period of time, extra props to:
jordand (best part ever); Ockeroid (best song ever); Pegosho; nero-geist; redminus; Steven M

Pretty awesome

It was slow paced at times, but the art is too eye candyish for me to care about that, the anymation, although lazy at times is great, and I see some techniques up there of which I dont remenber any popular artist ever using, really nice style of its own and involving story too, great work!


I came to what this flash expecting it to be bad, I was wrong, it was funny, the character animation/drawings werent that great, but the animation of the pokemons overall were great, great job, you know when something is good when you look forward to the next episode, and I do look forward to it!

Not Bad not good

the animation is nice, and the overall idea too, create does look like LBP, although i have two complains

1. no joke, or joke is not funny: I cant see whats funny in this, some more time should go on the thinking part...
2. no lip sync on the sprite part: now you could say that's because its a robot, well, at least you could choose a few pixels and make them glow as he talks, makes the animation less stale

OutcastLabs responds:

As soon as I start updating the lip-synching on Metal Sonic, I'll do just that.


Great collab, my favorites were flashfire's, gustavos's, ikool's, supersonic's, liquid's and jpb's :P

FlashfireEX responds:

Hooray, you're back!

This is some pretty epic stuff my friend!

The animation... although simple, was well executed... the story was great, specially comparing to most of the stuff here on newgrounds... Its part of my favorite submissions list!
Kinds sad how with the score you got right now, you could have gotten a daily 2nd... but anyways, congrats with the daily fifth! :)

Pahgawk responds:

Haha... Hello, JPB. XD Nice professional-sounding review language there. :)

I make animations and shiz' like that!

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